Peace and Quiet
Live in Tonto Hills about 6 miles east of Carefree Arizona and you'll soon associate home with unprecedented peace and quiet and the background noise of life falls away. We're talking middle-of-nowhere quiet. But beware, you might just get so used to the stillness that the rest of the world may feel noisy and hectic. With much of the neighborhood blocked from the city lights, you'll also experience the beautiful dark night sky. Home will be what it should be, your true sanctuary but with access to all that the Phoenix area has to offer.

Friendly Neighbors
Tonto Hills residents are true neighbors and share pride in our wonderful community. Welcoming, friendly, and generous, with two acre lots you have the rare experience of everything you want in a neighbor without having them live right next door. And speaking of friendly, our volunteer fire department is made up of neighbors on call to help within minutes in case of an emergency.

Natural Environment
We are surrounded on two sides by the Tonto National Forest - nearly three million acres of wilderness. As you can imagine, the wildlife spills out into the neighborhood. Bobcats, javilena, road runners, deer, quail, rabbits, and coyote are all a regular sight. You might also get an occasional mountain lion, rattlesnake, or gila monster - so best be careful.

Worlds Tallest Kachina
The "World's Tallest Kachina" looms over the sleepy subdivision of Tonto Hills. This 40-foot tall marvel lends a splash of color to the adobe landscape, and has become an off-the-roadside attraction for visitors to the Valley.

Designed by renowned Southwest sculptor Phillips Sanderson, the kachina is made in four sections, which makes it movable. There was a "For Sale" sign at its feet, and if you're interested in having it moved to your yard, it can reportedly be yours for the sale price of $400,000, so I'm told.

Although it's technically located in Scottsdale, the kachina is on Cave Creek Road, just east of the towns of Carefree and Cave Creek. It sits off to the west side of the street, atop a small hill at the entrance to the Tonto Hills community, a couple miles past the sign for Bartlett Lake.
It's a bit of a drive from central Phoenix, but makes for a great road trip. The kachina is actually just the last sightseeing stop along that stretch of Cave Creek Road.

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