Each week on Just Scottsdale, I will showcase one Subdivision nestled in a Scottsdale Arizona neighborhood. This week the attention is the Optima Camelview Village.
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Discover a dynamic landmark to architectural beauty and refined urban living. An exclusive address in the center of downtown Scottsdale unlike anything you have ever seen before. Where blossoming private terraces climb to gardened rooftops in the sky. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls fill your living space with an ever-changing panorama of glowing daytime mountain ranges and star- filled nighttime skies. Sophisticated recreation and relaxation opportunities in a resort-style setting swirl around the heart of its vibrant village. And nearby, all the shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural venues of downtown Scottsdale constantly entice you to take a leisurely stroll. With architecture, ambiance, amenities, and restaurants that are second to none, Optima Camelview Village is a great place to live.
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Luxury living in downtown Scottsdale
Optima Camelview Village is a 700-unit mixed-use development built on a 13-acre site in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. It consists of eleven interconnected, terraced, bridge-linked buildings built atop a 1,250-car underground garage, the roof of which is a 10-acre community park with meandering pedestrian paths. Built on a 30' by 30' structural bay with landscaped terraces cantilevering up to 20', the project creates a rich urban experience as no two buildings are the same.

The project is designed to blend urban and natural desert landscapes to create a dynamic, public, pedestrian friendly environment, integrate local contemporary architectural vernacular with the demands of high-density twenty-first century residential design, and integrate green roof design and technology to enhance human experiences and ecological stewardship providing landscaped space to every residence.
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Award-winning architecture
The architecture embodies a site-sensitive vocabulary of deep-layered shades, shadows, colors, textures and transparency. Overlapping and interconnected forms and voids create a diverse and provocative composition of space. Overhanging bridges and cantilevering landscaped terraces shade public pedestrian courtyards, creating shelter not just as covered space but as a serene sanctuary from the southwest desert. The landscaped courtyards are accented with water features, three swimming pools, spas, and monumental public art. The central promenade completes the north end of the City of Scottsdale's master-planned Marshall Way pedestrian connection in an active landscaped civic space lined with shopping, palm trees, fountains and water fall that provides evaporative cooling and mitigation of urban noise.

The transparent modular façade is an interchangeable system of high-performance glazing, floating sandstone panels and textural sunshades, strategically located based on building orientation, site exposure and views to integrate light and privacy in response to the desert environment.

Optima Camelview Village is LEED Silver Certified. Each dwelling is a dynamic combination of layered interior space expanding uninterrupted into lushly landscaped private terraces up to 3,000sq.ft. Landscaping is as important an element of the architectural composition as the physical expression of the buildings; 17 acres of roof gardens were constructed on the 13-acre site. Through technical innovation resulting from extensive design exploration, engineering and a multi-year research collaboration with Arizona State University, a terrace planting system was developed with a soil depth of 6-8" that facilitated the economical construction of landscaped terraces on every floor of the 7-story structures within the 65' height limit. The garden roofs provide a haven for urban wildlife, promote evaporative cooling, re-oxygenate the air, reduce dust and smog levels, reduce ambient noise, detain storm water and thermally insulate and shield residents from the desert sun, all of which contribute to a sustainable urban environment.

The environmental benefits seamlessly integrate into the benchmark aesthetic and achieve a 20% reduction in design energy cost. One-third of the construction materials included recycled content, and one-third of the materials were acquired from local and regional resources. (source optimacamelview.com)
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If you would like to find out more about this community, I would love to show you.