There are several factors that need to be considered that you won’t necessarily find in black and white on the Arizona MLS:

• Terraces – Whether you call them terraces, balconies, or patios, they’re important. These terraces can vary in size, anywhere from 25 square feet to over 1,000 square feet. Some units even have two terraces or balconies!

• Mountain Views – The Camelview Optima is surrounded by mountains including the infamous Camelback Mountain. Units that have great views of the mountains can be very desirable.

• Pool Views – Having great views of either of the well maintained two outdoor pools can be a huge plus. Being able to sit on your terrace or in your living room and look out at the sparkling blue water amongst all the green foliage can really make you feel like you’re living in a resort.

• Traffic Noise – This holds true for the pricing of most Scottsdale/Phoenix homes for sale. If there’s a lot of traffic noise the home is generally going to be worth less.

• Accessibility – The Optima Camelview is full of twists and turns. While being in the heart of it may have its advantages, it can also be very difficult to obtain food delivery or visitors. All UPS/FEDEX packages are now being delivered to The Optima Concierge, having to trek these packages hundreds of feet through winding turns can be a burden.

• Natural Light – Being in a vast garden means that some units get a lot more sun exposure than others. This is extremely subjective as some people love the sun shining through their windows in the mornings, others despise it.

• Walls of Windows – One of the greatest selling points of the Optima are the floor to ceiling windows. Units that have two living room walls with floor to ceiling windows often times end up feeling much more open and overall a lot larger.

• Layout – When building condos as large as the Optima its hard to have every square foot of space perfectly laid out. Some units have quite a bit of square footage that feels overall unusable.

• Remodels – This is another one that’s true for all Scottsdale Condos, and really all real estate for that matter. In the most recent years lots of Camelview Optima units have started to get remodeled with modern gray tones and straight lines.

These last two price determining factors we'll discuss is generally found on the MLS:

• Parking Spaces – This one you will find on the MLS. Most condos either have one or two parking spaces that belong to the condo. Some condos do actually have three or more parking spaces. How does this happen? This is often the result of someone purchasing two units and combining them into one much larger unit. These spaces are valuable! Deeded seperately and can be purchased or rented.

• Penthouses – Units on the top floor of The Optima in Old Town (this usually means the 7th floor) are considered penthouses. While the floor plans and finishes aren’t necessarily different than the other units found in The Optima, not having anyone above you can be a huge benefit when it comes to condo living. These units also often have larger terraces and less walls adjacent to other units because of these larger terraces.

As a Scottsdale Realtor that lived in and specializes in The Optima, I see several Optima Camelview Condos for Sale every month. If you have any questions about pricing your Optima Condo please contact me by calling or texting 602-531-0435 or email at

Feel free to leave comments below on what other factors you believe play into the price of condos in the Camelview Optima.