"The West's Most Western Town"

Scottsdale is exactly like the Wild West… without the wild part and with much nicer homes. The city’s motto is “The west’s most Western town,” because everywhere you look there’s an old timey vibe reminiscent of cowboys and saloons. The Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol runs for the entire month of February every year. Cowboys and cowgirls come to Scottsdale from across the country to participate in this rodeo event and to enjoy the world’s largest horse-drawn parade with over 150 annual entries.

Living Here Is More Affordable Than You Might Think

If you’re interested in Scottsdale but don’t exactly have a million dollars hidden in the couch cushions, Several neighborhoods in Scottsdale are just right for you. For years, South Scottsdale has been known as the working class region of the city, with housing costs that can average a third of the cost of the more upscale North Scottsdale.

Vacations Or Staycations, Everyone Loves Scottsdale.

Tourism is big business for Scottsdale’s economy. Along with having the highest number of luxury and destination spas in the country, Scottsdale’s growing number of upscale restaurants and nightclubs, trendy galleries, and luxury shopping has made the city a popular vacation destination for the young, white-collar crowd. Staycations are hugely popular in Scottsdale, too, since you never really have to leave the city to find a relaxing paradise.

There’s Really No Excuse For Staying Indoors

Hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking are extremely popular throughout the Scottsdale area, so you can bet you’ll get into great shape while you’re here. Locals spend a lot of their time at Camelback Mountain located just on the immediate outskirts of Scottsdale, but Pinnacle Peak and Thompson are just as popular, offering trails for everything from running to horseback riding. And the constantly sunny weather makes planning trips pretty reliable, too.

“Snotsdale” Is A Totally Unfair Nickname

Because of the city being the hub for so many high-end homes, Scottsdale has become known as “Snotsdale.” The not-so-affectionate term is used mainly by people who live outside of Scottsdale and make judgments on the wealthy home and upscale resorts. But the truth is that along with wealthy neighborhoods, there are middle class areas in Scottsdale and no one really walks around with their noses in the air. Haters gonna hate, but only when they don’t live there.

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